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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

German to English translation services

Minimise the standards gap usually found in tourism translations by working with a professional translator who understands your industry, culture and location. Having run my own travel business in the Tyrol, I have a background understanding of the needs of a Tyrolean tourism business, as well as personal experience of Tyrolean culture, food, language, and the excursions and activities on offer in the region. As a native English speaker with extensive experience of working with international English-speaking tourists I can ensure that your message is tailored to suit your ideal target audience.


Why book German to English translation services?

Minimise the standards gap

Hiring a professional, native English speaking translator with personal experience of your industry, culture and location will ensure a high quality translation.

Manage Risk

Avoid the types of critical errors that are usually found in texts produced by machine translation, hurriedly written by in-house staff, or written by non-native speakers.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

How to book translation services

Three easy steps to complete your translation project.

Book a free consultation

Read the PDF on how to prepare your brief, upload your German source text and schedule a call.

Approve the brief & quotation

After our call I will send you a summary of the brief and a quotation for you to approve.

Receive your translation

Once approved, I will start work on the translation. You may need to answer a few questions as work progresses. You will receive your completed translation before the agreed deadline.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

What is included in your translation service?

  • I help you to develop your brief

  • Understand your goals

  • Understand your target readers

  • Get to know your brand identity

  • Background research into your company and relevant services

  • Translate your German text into English
  • Ensure it aligns with your brief

  • Tailor it to your target audience

  • Ensure the appropriate tone, register and style

  • Adjust for cultural differences which may need additional explanation

Frequently asked questions

Should I put my text through google translate first?2024-03-10T22:39:04+00:00

No! Using free online translation technology means that your content is not private. The results will not help me and could even make the process slower, which could cost you more! I use my own professional translation technology that assists me in translating efficiently and your content is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

What format will I receive my translation in?2024-02-09T17:11:27+00:00

Your translation will usually be formatted to be the same as the original, unless otherwise stated.

How much does a translation cost?2024-03-10T22:26:03+00:00

The cost of your translation will depend upon the length of the text, the complexity of the content and the estimated time it will take to produce. Once we have discussed the project I will send you a quotation to approve before starting work.

Wie viel kostet eine Übersetzung?2024-03-19T16:50:53+00:00

Der Preis der Übersetzung hängt vom Umfang der zu übersetzenden Materialien, der Komplexität der Texte und der geschätzten benötigten Arbeitsdauer ab. Sobald wir das Projekt besprochen haben, lasse ich Ihnen ein entsprechendes Angebot zukommen.

How and when do I pay?2024-03-10T22:26:22+00:00

A quotation detailing a fixed price will be sent to you after our call. You must approve the quotation before any work is done. An invoice for payment will usually be sent once the project has been completed. Payment in Euros is requested within 21 days by bank transfer. Our IBAN number is shown on the invoice.

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