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English content quality review services

Whilst tourism businesses regularly review and upgrade the quality of their facilities and services, the quality of their English content is often overlooked. This results in a gap between the standards of the business and the standards of the accompanying English content. A wide gap could lower the perceived standards of your business, increase your business risk, and negatively impact the guest experience.

Why book a review?

Find out if you have a standards gap

Discover what impression your English content is giving of your business standards.

Manage Risk

Identify critical errors that could lead to embarrassing misunderstandings.

Save money

Make informed decisions about how best to spend your translation budget where it is most needed.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

How to book an English content review

Three easy steps to complete your English content review.

Book a free consultation

Read the PDF on how to prepare your brief, upload your text and schedule a call.

Approve the brief & quotation

After our call I will send you a summary of the brief and a quotation for you to approve.

Receive a written report

Once approved, I will review the text according to the brief and send you a written report before the agreed deadline.

The dangers of not reviewing your English content

Relying on machine translation or hurriedly written texts can be a recipe for disaster if there is no review to ensure that critical errors are noticed and corrected before publication.

Modern marketing techniques are putting tourism businesses under increased pressure to publish large amounts of content, so it is understandably tempting to publish quickly and worry about the consequences later.

Translated texts can contain critical errors and machine translation can add hallucinations, meaning that your customers may be promised something different from what you thought you were offering. This could put you in embarrassing situations, where you have to make excuses for promises that were not delivered.

But don’t worry, it’s not too late! A content review even after publication can start to put things right.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

What is included in an English Content Review?

  • I help you to develop your brief

  • Understand your goals

  • Understand your customers

  • Get to know your brand identity

  • Background research into your company and relevant services

  • Quality check your English content against your brief

  • Does it align with your goals?

  • Does it speak to your target audience?

  • Is the tone, register and style a good fit for your brand?

  • Check for linguistic errors (spelling, syntax, grammar)

  • Check for factual errors

  • Check for cultural differences which may need explanation

  • Flag potential misunderstandings

Frequently asked questions

Does the report include corrections of the errors found?2024-02-02T18:26:37+00:00

No, the report will detail the types of errors found and suggest overall solutions for the text as a whole, but will not include detailed solutions for each of the individual errors.

Is it easy to implement the suggested Action Plan?2024-03-10T20:53:07+00:00

The report will suggest an Action Plan for how to achieve your goals. If you choose to book further translation, editing or copywriting services with me to fulfil the action plan the total price for the project will be calculated and the review price will be offset.

What type of recommendations might be made?2024-02-02T19:26:33+00:00

Content Refresh – If outdated content is the main issue, but the English language fulfils most of the brief, a refresh may be recommended.

Edit – If there are mainly stylistic errors an edit may be suggested to fulfil your objectives.

Translation or Copywriting – Sometimes it is faster and cheaper to start again rather than micro-editing a text that does not fulfil your needs. Depending on the type of text, a new translation may be recommended, or it may be more effective to copywrite a new English text according to your guidelines.

How much does the review cost?2024-03-10T20:53:57+00:00

The review price is calculated by estimating the time it will take to produce the report. This will be based upon the length and complexity of the text.

How and when do I pay?2024-03-10T22:26:22+00:00

A quotation detailing a fixed price will be sent to you after our call. You must approve the quotation before any work is done. An invoice for payment will usually be sent once the project has been completed. Payment in Euros is requested within 21 days by bank transfer. Our IBAN number is shown on the invoice.

Can I offset the cost of the review?2024-03-10T20:55:57+00:00

If you proceed with additional services to implement the recommended Action Plan the payment made for the review will be offset against the total project price.

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