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English content refresh service

You may have existing English content that is in need of a refresh to bring it up to your current business standards. Perhaps you have upgraded your facilities since it was written, your terms or services have changed, or it has simply not been updated for a long time and no longer reflects your business image.

Why book an English content refresh?

Bring your content up to your current business standards

Ensure your content is current and attains your standards.

Manage Risk

Eliminate critical errors and outdated content that could lead to embarrassing misunderstandings.

Save money

Allocate your budget to refresh specific areas of content rather than creating all new content from scratch.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

How to book an English content refresh?

Three easy steps to complete your English content refresh.

Book a free consultation

Read the PDF on how to prepare your brief, upload your text and schedule a call.

Approve the brief & quotation

After our call I will send you a summary of the brief and a quotation for you to approve.

Receive a written report

Once approved, I will review the text according to the brief and send you the refreshed text before the agreed deadline.

The dangers of not refreshing your English content

Outdated content does nothing to help you impress your customers. Descriptions that may once have been true, but are no longer accurate could cause you problems when customers expectations do not match what they have booked.

Tired content can leave your customers indifferent about your business, rather than being impressed.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

What is included in an English Content Refresh?

Your brief

  • I help you to develop your brief

  • Understand your goals

  • Understand your customers

  • Get to know your brand identity

  • Background research into your company and relevant services

  • Refresh your English content according to your brief

  • Update any out-of-date facts and figures

  • Adjust the text to speak to your target audience

  • Adjust the tone, register and style according to your brief

  • Correct linguistic errors (spelling, syntax, grammar)

  • Correct factual errors

  • Adjust for cultural differences, which may need explanation

  • Adjust for potential misunderstandings

Frequently asked questions

How much does a refresh cost?2024-03-10T22:15:35+00:00

The cost of your refresh will depend upon the length of the text, the complexity of the content and the estimated time it will take to produce. Once we have discussed the project I will send you a quotation to approve before starting work.

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