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English editing and proofreading services

Avoid the standards gap by getting your English content checked by a second set of eyes before publication. Whether you’re posting online, getting ready for print or sending out to customers, a final check for quality and consistency is worth the peace of mind. By working with a native English professional who understands your industry, culture and location as well as your target audience you can be sure your content is ready for publication.


Why book English editing and proofreading services?

Avoid the standards gap

Use a professional, native English speaker with personal experience of your industry, culture and location as your second pair of eyes.

Manage Risk

Not only will you avoid critical errors but your content will also be checked for linguistic errors, consistency and style.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

How to book English editing and proofreading services

Three easy steps to editing or proofreading services.

Book a free consultation

Read the PDF on how to prepare your brief, upload your text and schedule a call.

Approve the brief & quotation

After our call I will send you a summary of the brief and a quotation for you to approve.

Receive your edited or proofread text

Once approved, I will start editing or proofreading. You may need to answer a few questions as work progresses. You will receive your completed text before the agreed deadline.

The dangers of not proofreading your English content

Important content, such as prices and offers, terms and conditions, or legal notices, where the consequences of errors are severe can benefit from being checked by a second pair of eyes.  Not doing so could elevate your legal and business risks, as you may find yourself agreeing to terms which are not what you expected, or making unrealistic claims to customers.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

What is the difference between the editing & proofreading services?


A final polish of your finished content before publication

  • Your style and choice of words remain untouched

  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar

  • Rework sentence structure only where necessary

  • Check for consistency of punctuation, capitalisation and terminology

  • Feedback if any further changes are required


A chance to rework problem areas plus a final polish

  • Check your content aligns with your brief

  • Ensure use of the appropriate tone, register and style

  • Check the style resonates with your target readers

  • Check it suits your brand voice

  • Check any aspects that you are not happy with

  • Plus everything included in proofreading

Frequently asked questions

How and when do I pay?2024-03-10T22:26:22+00:00

A quotation detailing a fixed price will be sent to you after our call. You must approve the quotation before any work is done. An invoice for payment will usually be sent once the project has been completed. Payment in Euros is requested within 21 days by bank transfer. Our IBAN number is shown on the invoice.

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