5 reasons why you need to provide English content

Almost a third of visitors to the Tyrol are from countries where German is not the native language, so offering English as the international language of tourism is essential to cater for these guests.

  1. You may be missing out on almost 30% of the business!

According to Österreich Werbung, 29% of overnight stays in the Tyrol were booked by visitors from countries where German is not the native language in 2022. Visitors came mostly from the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, followed by many other countries.

The ideal solution would be to communicate with all visitors in their native languages, but this is often not practical, so at least providing English, as the international language of tourism, is the next best thing.

2. Keep control your brand image

It is comfortable to rely on online booking sites or tour operators to bring you international visitors, but you can be sure that wherever people make their booking, they have looked you up online.

Being in control of your English content means you can ensure that international visitors get the right first impression of the standard they can expect from your business.

Even if customers do not book your services until they arrive in resort, you want them to arrive in resort with you in mind.


3. Be busy during low season

International visitors have a different perspective than your regular German-speaking visitors. They take holidays at different times of year and have different interests and priorities.

Targeting international visitors through persuasive English content can help you to fill your low season with high-value bookings, rather than having to rely on discounting to fill your spaces.


4. Encourage direct bookings

Create persuasive and engaging English marketing content to improve your direct bookings from international visitors.

Rather than relying upon other channels, the internet has opened up a world of opportunities for visitors to book direct with you.

5. Improve the guest experience

Create a relaxed and pleasant guest experience by providing visitors with clear and comprehensive instructions in English on what to expect and how to behave.

International visitors may require more explanation than German-speaking visitors. Many international visitors have never seen tilt & turn windows, do not know the etiquette for using the sauna and may not expect double beds to have two separate duvets.

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