Tips to help you minimise the standards gap

You don’t need to be an English expert yourself to minimise the standards gap in your business. By creating a consistent strategy for producing and reviewing your English content you can ensure that the gap is kept under control.

Choose Who To Work With long-term

Choose an English specialist to work with who has the skills and expertise to be able to fulfil your needs long-term. This will help to keep your content consistent in style and will make your life easier as they become more familiar with the unique aspects of your business and branding.

Treat all your projects the same

To achieve consistent results treat all your projects the same way, whether they are large or small. Use the same processes to create and review English content every time.

Review your content regularly

To ensure cohesion in your style and messaging throughout all of your English content, as well as ensuring that your content is up-to-date, get your English content reviewed regularly.

Keep information to hand from your German projects

Keep the notes you made when producing your German version to revisit when creating the English version. In particular marketing information such as branding, tone of voice, messaging, and positioning is useful to revisit when creating a brief for your English content.

3 services for you:

  1. English content review service: I review your English content and produce a report showing you the standard of your English content with suggestions on how to bring it up to your quality standards. Find it HERE.
  2. German to English translation services: I guide you through the process of understanding what is needed and then produce a translation in line with your business standards. Find it HERE.
  3. English content refresh services: I can refresh and update your existing English content to align it with your current goals. Find it HERE

Learn more about:

Setting up a retainer: If you would like to work with me on a regular basis, we can agree a specified number of hours per month that I work exclusively on your projects. Find it HERE.

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My name is Nina Hasinski and I’m the owner and translator at Ideal Words.

I specialise in helping German-speaking tourism businesses with their English translations and copywriting projects.

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